Hi my name is Bud aka ajfmrf,thewebhead.Back in November of 96 my wife came home all excited.She started to tell me how a friend she had not seen or talked to in a while ( she was laid off from working with my wife ), had called her at work that day. This firend had also recently purchased this thing called webtv.My wife Marilyn mentioned something about mail,free,not a toll call.

Well, I was intrigued.I called a few places and found out more information about this Webtv.

Next thing you know I am hooking up a Webtv to my 35 inche tv.( I now use a 13 inch tv next to my computer-LOL ).Wow, this thing has changed my life sooo much since then.

I do not remember how I found out about Webtv News Groups .I went crazy ,lierally for the next several weeks learning and searching and somehow came accross these cool things called News Groups.

It was not long and I stumbled accorss the homepage group and stated lurking .I lurked in that one news group a while before an ocassionally I began to post.

Usually for help but also to help others sometimes.I met DearB and JokerV there.

It was around this time that the homepage news group began to come upon some digruntled members and almost disbanded its membership.

It was then that somehow I was approached by a few people to help head up a group of members that had became known as The Construction Crew.This Crew helped people build thier web pages and also make email signatures and tutor people .

I even help create a website of around 4-5 pages with Bruce and B's help.I'm not sure how many specificlly, but the Crew helped hundreds of "newbies and not so newbies build webpages.

Bruce was the mainstay of the crew setting people up with help and notting it on a page for members to view.DearB was the voice of reason and the one that help hold Bruce and Me up as we first plodded along.DearB and Bruce Helped motivate me I am 100% sure of that-LOL.

Somewhere along the lines the last year 16 months I became rather busy with my web pages.This is when everything fell onto Bruce to deal with.By then DearB had left the Crew to move on to more interesting things too.

Some of which became moderately successful Bud's ToolBoxThe ToolBox was an instant hit with many of my friends.It is currently undergoing a facelift and will be rereleased soon with tons of new links and lots of new stuff.

I have recently purchased my own domain and am still moving in almost a year later.I have a new siteWeb-User.net ,which has over 15 pages of links for webmasters to build their pages.Including but not limited to : html,javascript,gifs,backgrounds,tutorials,links to free webpage hosts,free email accounts tools,color tools and more.I also have a small Tools Page

I also have a successful tutorial for the FreeLoader Uploaders.FreeLoader Tutorial and a Pagers page that is doing well too.However my Page builder page Is awful lonely lately-LOL

I have enjoyed my time on Webtv and made many new friends.I will mention a few key people that help support me when I needed it most: DearB,JokerV,Ladybug639,tomeegirl,Lantern,my190d,mf-,no_code,Draac,Owens4,tvckd,Prodigal_Son,Mimer,

There have been many faceless people too.I know there are some people I may not have mentioned but please do not take offense if I did not name you.As to my memory failing me at times I am sure I missed some people.
I would like to dedicate all of my work to all of these people that helped me to start and those that continue to help me.
Thanks Your Webtv Friend ~Bud~