Welcome to the banner machine form page

The first thing I want to mention is that KodeKracker did just that,He figured out how to write the codes to get the guestbook at GuestWorld to accept the banners and create what we have as an automatic banner page just like the "add-a-link" pages.

Follow the following directions and you should be able to create your own automatic banner page.Itshould take 15-20 minutes to make.Thats all.If you have a problem please contact Kode at KodeKracker@webtv.net.

Good luck! First go to GuestWorld and sign up for a guestbook. Then at the top menu click on "Advanced" when you get there on the left side menu create a "Deluxe Guestbook" After that then from the "Advanced Menu" click on "Entry Editor" you will need to put in your password when asked, then scroll down to where there is some HTML erase everything in that box and put in just this only :

<b>Homepage</b><a href=~HOMEPAGE~><img src=~HOMETITLE~></a><br>

Then click on done or what ever it says below that box. Thats it for that part. Then transload my form to submit to that guestbook I had to change that up alot from the way the one looked that you sent. Here is the location of my form : http://members.tripod.com/~KodeKracker/bannerform.html

After you get it transloaded edit it the way you want it to look change everyplace you see my guestbook name "kodekracker" to whatever you named your guestbook. Then edit the URLs I put in for my banner to make them your URLs. And thats it.

It does not work from a regular guestbook.This has been done by about three,four people that I know of at this time.I want to thank Kode for a super job of getting this worked out!~Bud~ Here is the link to GuestWorld;




Kodes addy is KodeKracker@webtv.net